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Can't upload video from iphone (ios12)

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The ability to upload files, including photos, to dropbox using "share" in iphone, does not work for video files. Why not?


And please, please, don't suggest some elaborate work-around. It the sort of stuff that clutters up all support forums, just makes you look bad, and doesn't help anyone. For example, the "+" feature in the dropbox app is great in many ways, mainly for scanning, but it is very impractical and non-intuitive for finding and uploading photos or videos. I am not looking for someone's "oh so clever" work-around.


The normal taskflow is:


1. Take picture/Make video with Camera app

2. Go into Camera app's "camera roll" (i.e. the library of all photos) to compare with all the photo/video you've made in this instance and choose the best. This selection of "best version" may by some be done in Google photo (or other good photo/video mgmt app). Priciple is the same though.

3. Once photo/video has been selected, then decide whether to edit, and/or add to specific album, etc. Again inside camera roll app, or google photo app.

4. Some time later, maybe a long time later, if user wants to use a specifc photo/video in a different app, for example in some messaging app like whatsapp or similar, you go into either of camera roll or google photo app, find the file, and press share. Among the options you then have are a range of other apps that are well-integrated with iphone's internal app-management, especially with photo-file management. Dropbox is one of them, but only for photos, not for videos!.


I have no clue as to why, but dropbox decided their users don't need to be able to do this with video.

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Re: Can't upload video from iphone (ios12)

Level 6

Ok, I was wrong. But rather than deleting the question, I thought I'd leave this with what I consider to be the explanation, at least to my specific problem.


I think my problem was that I was trying to upload too many vidoe files (5) at the same time, or perhaps that the total data volume of those small files was too much. 


When I tried with just one small file, the option to upload to dropbox was available and worked as expected.


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Can't upload video from iphone (ios12)
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