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Re: Dropbox Feedback

Dropbox Feedback

Joseph H.23
New member | Level 2

Hello, some new features that seem to really irk me me when I'm trying to use my account.


I just want a basic interface (nothing special) where I can see/share/interact with the files I place here. Your product is becoming a nuisance to use with all of the extra features. Make them optional, not required.

The reason I went with DB is because your competitors were doing this to their free products and really didnt care if their customers paid or not, or even liked it for that matter.


These things are getting dastardly annoying. I know some users really want this feature, but please give me an option to disable globally.

Stop all shares/sharing:

This option would globally strip out any shares established. Think of it like a panic button. This would allow people to stop a share if they cannot find it and the content could potentially be sensitive.


Just give me a list of files. Please stop trying to group photos automatically. It is sorting my photos based on the name and not the actual content.

Know what? Just give me an option to disable it. Thanks.


Please dont click-bait someone and then not give them a way to revert. I'm looking at you Dropbox Paper!

I "click here for info" and found my self permanently signed up for something I have no need or use for with no way to get out of. While I give you a good pat on the back for sticking it to MS and G for making things a bit more competitive on the market, I cannot condone this tactic.

Blocking of sharing:

Why would you want to do this? There are unscrupulous people out there.

Scenario: I've been randomly shared a file that was an executable and it just showed up in my file list. My curiosity lands me a crypto-locker virus.

Catch my point? Its probably a really good idea to not let it just happen. I've shared content with another DB user and it just magically showed up in their file list.

Thank you for your time.

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Shell R.
New member | Level 1

Paper feedback 


Highlighting for comments is not strong enough. 

Editing a large addition of files-- need to give use ability to break into rows 

Kept getting the hover for comment and enlarge confused, I almost switched out and back to Powerpoint. 

The export needs a PDF version. (HIGH PRIORITY) 

I want to see the project in my Dropbox menu under Files 

I want an Intergation with Jira and Trello and Tripadvisor

Thanks for including me in Paper Beta.  



Jacqueline E.
New member | Level 2

Dropbpx I truly dislike that you stay you don't need an account to view shared files and you DO!!!! What the quill seriously why cant software apps like yours figure out if you make using the software easy you'll gain more user. No one wants to create a password to download a stupid file but as a paid user I want to use my dropbox to share my documents and would like the receiver to be able to view the files without hardship (sks getting a dropbox account)! Please consider this even in the public folder you need to have an account seriously?! Then why call it a public folder? Get a clue and stop making your user life difficult please.

Super User II

Jacqueline E. wrote:

Dropbpx I truly dislike that you stay you don't need an account to view shared files and you DO!!!!

You do not need an account to view a file that was sent with a Share Link. You do need an account if the files were shared with you via a shared folder.


even in the public folder you need to have an account

Even when the Public folder was still active, you never needed an account to view a file. The Public folder is a deprecated feature which only exists for a small percentage of users, and they will be losing the feature in September. It was replaced by Share Links in October of 2012.

Jacqueline E.
New member | Level 2

I do beleive a sent a SHARE LINK so why it's still asking them for a dropbox log in is not clear to me. Even when I send it from the public folder which I have a copy of it still ask them to create an account. I have enough screen shots this weekend from friend to prove it. I sent a PDF so it's not a folder. So million dollare question is there someway to confirm I'm sending a SHARE LINK and not a share something else. I clearly have view only access but still no can do. I just read instruction carefully in the link you sent above here's hoping for a different result. Thanks for your help.

New member | Level 2

WARNING: Future users beware. Read all fine print on 30 day trial with Dropbox. We signed up for a 30 day business trial (three users). Dropbox trial default sets you up with five users. Makes no sense to me why default is set to five users if you do not sign up for five users. In my opinion this is a scam to collect more money.  You will be charged for five users if you do no change before end of trial. We were charged $480.00 for two users we do not have. I plead my case to Dropbox and have been told there are NO refunds! Absolutely NO refunds. It is our fault for not catching Dropbox adding additional users to our trial. Unprofessional. There are no reasons why a company should operate in this manner. 

New member | Level 2
Dropbox use to be the best. Now they just suck. I use to recommend Dropbox, now those days are gone. Stop being greedy!...

New member | Level 2

Just to let you know that i am ANGRY at the 20% price increase of this year's bill. And don't "sweeten" it with "great new features" that I didn't request nor going to use -- not with me, I am not an idiot. The old disgusting method: lock the customer in, then ripp him off. Remember: an angry customer is one that changes at the first opportunity. My account, if that interests you, is: [personal information removed as per Community Guidelines].

Explorer | Level 3

I am a DropBox Dependant User and I appracite an expansion of a product I really use. BUT please have the common sence curtisy to not make the new reideration so different that its now taking time to learn how to use it, when I all I want to is work with my files.  Not to take time out of my day to creat an account here to tell you to use commen sense curtisy.  


That annoying white space on the right where I can view my files.  You know what?  I used to click on a file to open it and I could view it.  Now I have to click to view in that annoying while space and then click on it again to open the file. How is this better??  


All the features in that annoying white space, inclusive of having that annoying white space should be optional.  If I am working on my own with my own files that window terrorory serves best to view more files and scroll less.  Add the option feature.  This is not a request, it's asking you to use think of your user as a varied group of people.  Just add it.  


To reideratwe what Joseph H.23 said, "These things are getting dastardly annoying. I know some users really want this feature, but please give me an option to disable globally."


And please, show that you care about your users and reply.

Dont be as annoying as that white space.  Have I mentioned that the white space is ANNOYING! 

Explorer | Level 3

Now having used the new Dropbox I came to realize that it is still annoying, but I have found more things to be annoyed by.  The name of files get broken up mid wrod making them hard to find considering I use the same file for each project as it keeps me orgamized.  This wasnt the case in the older version or any other file saving folders or files I use.


Also, I cant hightlight mutiple folder at once to move them. 


Having the icon on my desktop (Mac OS) menu bar stay blue when everything else is black just makes you look desprite and is a further annoyance.  I know you are there. Stop staying blue like a desperite start-up might do. 


And please please please allow for the calapsing of the preview window on the left and the blue banner on the right with Dropbox and Starred on the right.  I didnt have this in the old version and I have yet to use either now.  It just takes up space that could be used to look at my files.  And if I working on my own then the whole feature become mute.  I can and do share via other means. I dont need or what this preview.  



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