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How to download all files from all team members?

How to download all files from all team members?

Explorer | Level 4

Hi Everyone,


I'm very new to dropbox admin.

I took over IT from this small company that had an old Dropbox Business account with admin and multiple team members.


When I logged on to this account, I am the admin of the team with just the basic/free account.

The account is using some 125G while a basic account should only have 2.5G.


My goal is to be able to download all the files the team (all the members) are storing on dropbox.


I already sync downloaded the 125G but there are still 4 team members that have files on their account.

These 4 team members are no longer with the company.


1. How do I transfer team member files to my admin account?  Do I simply "Remove Member"?

2. I also got shared folders that I cannot add since I'm out of storage.  Would I be able to simply upgrade to Professional account to add them while still maintain my admin status to the team?  Or would I need to upgrade all the way to a business account (which needs 5 accounts minimum).


Thank you!







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Dropbox Staff
Hey @RML-IT, welcome to the Dropbox Community! 

So, let me shine some light on your questions here. 

It sounds like your plan is a free team, based on the info you've provided us about the quota you see on your end and the plan. 

In order for you to transfer all the members' content, you could choose to remove them from the team. Once that happens, you can choose to transfer any team related (not their personal) files to your account.

If you want to continue and pay for the business plan, you'll need to have admin rights, and upgrade to a minimum of 3 licenses.

Instead, if you want, you can leave the team, and continue with an individual plan, such as a professional one. 

I hope this helps to clarify things.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Explorer | Level 4

Hi Lori,


Thank you very much for the reply.

Sounds like what you are suggesting is this...


1. Remove all team members (But the free team you linked on your reply says this: 

  • The free team will be unable to add or remove team members)

2. Files will be shared to me but I cannot add due to lack of space

3. Leave team

4. Those shared to me will still be there.  So upgrade plan to professional to add these shared files.


That sounds about right?


Thanks again!




Explorer | Level 4

Well, I just tried to delete one of the members to see if there's it prompt me to transfer user's content to me.


And the member was deleted (even though not supposed work free team).

And it didn't prompt to transfer the files.


Looks like I just lost the content of that team member.

I'm going to do the old fashion way and try to gain access to these members account instead by resetting passwords.



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