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Issues with cancellation

Issues with cancellation

New member | Level 2

i noticed i am being charged monthly for dropbox and i haven't used it in a year.  i have tried, when i remember, off and on for 3 months to cancel and every time it says 'error'.  anyone know a friend who this has happened to and have a solution?

seems pretty messed up to not let someone cancel a subscription easily.

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Re: cancellation


Hey @joey5, sorry to hear about this.


Could you please send us a screenshot of the exact error you're getting when trying to cancel your Dropbox subscription?


Also, did you upgrade through our website in the first place or was it through an app store on a mobile device?


If you could also clarify  what's reported in your account's plan tab at the moment, I'd appreciate it.



Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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