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File Sharing misnamed

GE E. New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I am tryning to share a file with a friend called "AAA".

When he gets the message the Shared files appears in the email as "AAA RING".

RING is actually a subfolder of the AAA File and that is the only subfolder he can see, not all the other subfolders.

Intrestengly when I go in the "sHARING" tab, in the list of files, there is no AAA file but only this AAA RING file. If I click on it, there are all the subfolder of the AAA file.  And by the way when I come to the homepage the AAA file is clearly listed.



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Re: File Sharing misnamed

Super User II
Super User II

Sounds like you've accidentally shared 'AAA RING' and it wont let you share AAA now because it already contains a shared folder. 

Un-share AAA Ring and then reshare AAA


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