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Business admins: You can now customize invoices!

If you’re an admin of a Dropbox Business account, you can now edit the information on invoices and receipts for your teams!

The following information is editable:
  • Billing name
  • Billing address, city, and state
  • Country code, postal code, and VAT ID (for future invoices only)

How do I edit the information on past invoices?

  • If you change a VAT ID, any applicable tax rate changes will only be applied to future bills
  • To change the country code, postal code, or VAT ID on your payment information, edit your account payment method
  • The country and postal codes on an invoice must match the country and postal codes on your account's payment information
  • If you have a new tax rate and you'd like a refund for a previous bill, please contact Dropbox support using the contact info found in the Admin Console
You can read more about customizing invoices on our Help Center article:


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