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Known issues - updated Aug 14th see more

Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

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Dropbox Paper goes into general availability


New to Dropbox Paper? Watch this video to learn how to get started creating in Paper.

 Dropbox Paper goes into general availability:
  • Usage of Dropbox Paper is not subject to the additional terms of service for beta products
    • Paper is not ISO/SOC or HIPAA compliant. Dropbox Business teams who have signed a BAA will not be able to use Paper
  • Paper is not supported for the following admin features: device approvals, network control (Enterprise only), enterprise mobility management (Enterprise only)
Announcing availability in 21 languages*:  Business teams across the world can now rely on Paper in their language. This includes right to left (RTL) text editing.
*Available on Web. Coming soon to Paper iOS & Android mobile apps.

Smart meeting notes

Create smart meeting notes in Paper, where it’s quick to get out agenda and next steps to attendees, especially when Google Calendar is integrated in Paper. 

Due dates on tasks

Assigning due dates and team members for tasks 
  • Once you've created a task list, click the calendar icon to set a due date for that task.
  • You can also assign a task to someone by clicking the add user icon to the right of the task.

Projects (private beta)

Keep all your work in one place with projects, which organizes your team’s work in a single shared place. 
  • Projects is a unique, centralized place where teams can organize Paper docs
  • It’s rolling out to teams in private beta. Note: Teams in Paper private beta are NOT the same as Dropbox Business Early Access teams
  • Projects is our next evolution of folders
Pinned docs: In a project, pin important Paper docs at the top, so project members know what is key project info 
Pin docs and folders to move them to the top of your project. Click on the ” next to the name then choose Pin to project
Manage settings: From within a project, you can adjust the project settings (like title and description), or archive or delete the project.

Read Receipts & Sharing Reminders

When you share a document using Paper, invitees will receive a notification to ensure they see it. After this, the following will now happen:
  1. Read receipt: You’ll get a notification in the notifications tray, mobile & desktop (and eventually - if you don’t react,  email) when they open your doc
  1. Reminder email:  If they haven’t opened your doc within 2 days (excluding weekends) of your sharing it, they’ll get an email notification reminding them that you shared this doc with them

Offline editing on Paper mobile

Offline editing is still under development and not publicly available.
Work while offline in Paper iOS & Android mobile apps, where you can still read—and still edit and comment—even without a connection. 


Debuting a new Paper API to enable solutions to integrate with Paper.
  • We invite third-party partners to build solutions that help Dropbox Business admins oversee employee activity, manage sharing policies and protect data. Developer documentation available at:
 If you have questions or feedback about Dropbox Paper, please comment below.
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Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

Do you have a time line for copy/paste features in Paper? I have a template folder structure that I've created in Paper, and I want to be able to simply copy that template folder whenever I need to duplicate it. 

Community Manager

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

Thanks for the suggestion! No timeline for that but I'll pass your feedback to our dev team.
Level 4

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

Can I sort a table in Paper? In MS Word I can do multi column sorting. This is a missing feature in the online versions of Word, Pages and Evernote. Does Paper have it?
Community Manager

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

Not yet, I'm afraid.
Level 4

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

Okay, thanks Ed!
Level 2

Paper Chinese input problems on iOS and OSX 10.12 Chrome

 I found Chinese input problems on both iOS and OSX chrome,


in paper for iOS,

when I add Chinese comments,

all intermediate typing results will go into the text field,

I tried handwriting, zhu-ying, cangjie, all the same.


when I use paper in chrome on OSX 10.12,

if I type chinese characters above a table,

it won't work, and when I type 'space',

which is an ending character for chinese input,

it scrolls to the bottom of the page.

the IME I'm using is OpenVanilla Cangjie.

Level 2

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

Ed, is it still true that sorting is not an option? Just checking to make sure things haven't changed since your February reply about this. Gracias!

Level 3

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability

I have experimented with dropbox paper on the browser. I am however wondering where the calendar and user icons are on the ios mobile app for task assignment and deadline.


Please help!

Level 5

Re: Dropbox Paper goes into general availability



Any chance you upgrade the math support in Paper?


It seems you took the MarkDown aaproach which is perfect, by why to limit Math Equation?


We need $...$ for In Line Math and $$...$$ for Display Mode Math.

Moreover, we would like to have suppport for all MathJaX features (Basically all amsmath features and enviornments).


Any chance to have that?

This is a must for students.


Thank You.

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