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Known issues - updated July 19th see more

Known Issues - Updated July 19th

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Known Issues - Updated July 19th

Below is a list of known issues that Dropbox are aware of and actively working on


  1. Camera Uploads error - We're receiving reports from users saying that not all pics/videos are being uploaded on iOS. We're currently investigating this further
  2. Smart Sync - Windows Explorer Search Not Working - Team currently investigating this issue
  3. mdworker crashes on macOS due to issues with Spotlight indexing PDFs and reading the wrong logical size - fix is in progress
  4. Users with Trend Micro report Dropbox freezing - We're working with Trend Micro on this, we believed the issue fixed, but are re-visiting this hypothesis
  5. Desktop app forces MacBook into Discrete Graphics mode - Team aware and working on fix
  6. [FIXED] Dropbox consuming high amounts of data on mobile - Investigating issue with Apple
  7. InDesign files being downloaded as .txt files - Issue identified. Engineers working on solultion
  8. Chrome reporting dropbox as an incompatible application -  Working to resolve Google Chrome notification (although Dropbox performance is not affected)


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