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Known issues updated - May 25 see more

Known Issues - Updated May 25th

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Known Issues - Updated May 25th

Below is a list of known issues that Dropbox are aware of and actively working on


  1. "Job reached maximum retry attempts" - We still unfortunately don't have a root cause for why this is happening, but have been able to reproduce the problem on our side which should help us identify the underlying cause faster. 
  2. [FIXED] "After most recent update (for iOS) Dropbox does not open at all without internet connection" - Fixed! Coming in v96.2 White check mark
  3. [FIXED] "Unwanted Notes Showing Up on PDF Floorplan Files For Mobile Users" - We have managed to fix AutoCADs issue, and v100 of the app will contain a behavioural change that will resolve this issue. We expect it to be released in mid June! White check mark
  4. Camera Uploads error - We're receiving reports from users saying that not all pics/videos are being uploaded on iOS. We're currently investigating this further
  5. Dropbox conflict with TrendMicro (freezing) - Enginneers investigating possible conflict with TrendMicro where Dropbox freezes
  6. Dropbox conflict with Anti-Viruses - Engineers investigating error causing message "Dropbox does not have a valid digital signature"


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