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Desktop app not working after updating computer to Sonoma

Can't log in "Previous sign-in interrupted" error

New member | Level 2

As it says above ... Can't log in "Previous sign-in interrupted" error.

Any help appreciated.

It's a business account if that makes any difference.

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Explorer | Level 4

I was able to fix this issue. I found an older version of the DB app. V181.4.5678 online. This version used a method to sign in directly in the installer instead of taking me to the web browser. I was able to sign in and get DB running again with no issues. There could be an issue with the new method of using the browser to sign in that the developers need to look into.

Helpful | Level 5

OK, we managed to fix the issue by signing off of all other devices where I had dropbox on. I think there may be a soft max sign-ins for dropbox.

Helpful | Level 5

Thousands of users looking at this thread...obvious issue somewhere.  Shame how poor the error messages are in the desktop app really.

Helpful | Level 5

I fixed in my case by installing with the *offline* 179.4.4917 installer.  This is the release prior to August 2023 where this particular error message was first noted in the forums here.  If any DB folks follow these threads, here's some advice no-charge:

For the Love of Your Deity put a human-readable log file on the app side so it's clear what is broken.  "Previous Sign In Interrupted" helps no one and unnecessarily increasing load on your support staff for no good reason.

New member | Level 2

Same here. Had to the *offline* 179.4.4917 installer with the "paste link code" in the installer to find out that the problem is the maximum number of allowed computers. "Previous Sign In Interrupted" makes no sense and nobody knew what this error message means.

Mike C.45
Explorer | Level 3

I am a business user account 10 years, with mac pc's and have upgraded to os sonoma. 

The dropbox app does not work, after 10 years I know my way around and have tried all the usual reinstalls, new user etc.

The help desk does has no idea or suggestions. I am getting desperate.

So I am looking to switch to microsoft cloud but before I do so can any one help?


Super User II

You've not actually said why it isnt working and what the issue/s are @Mike C.45 ?


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Mike C.45
Explorer | Level 3

You click on the dropbox icon and it asks you to sign in through the browser, and continues to do so opening a new browser page each time, so the issue is the dropbox app seems not compatible with the OS. On my laptop when I updated to sonoma and the same issue. On the laptop I have reloaded the previous OS and all is fine,

Dropbox Staff

Hey @Mike C.45, sorry to see you're having trouble with the Dropbox desktop app on your Mac computer.


Dropbox is compatible with Sonoma; did you get a notification to update Dropbox to the new Dropbox for macOS on File Provider? and if so, did you perform the update?


If you hover over the Dropbox icon, what do you see?


Please also make sure to send us the ticket number for your communication with our support team, so we can check that out as well.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Mike C.45
Explorer | Level 3


Latest dropbox of macOS installed.

When hovering over the icon it says waiting to be linked to a dropbox account.

So click on the browser & get message sign in with dropbox.

Then get the API window choose account to log into

Click on account and then get window saying previous sign in interrupted please try again.

Then the process just goes round  in a loop.

Ticket where screen shots sent.

Dropbox Support <>

I am a business user with priority help (not) and the knock on effect of this probably simple problem is my users are holding back on upgrading the OS but that in turn means that some programmes such as numbers we can't use all the features and not have the latest security. 

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