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Is it possible to desktop sync/link with more than one DropBox Business team yet?

Is it possible to desktop sync/link with more than one DropBox Business team yet?

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If I remember right (e.g. this thread from 2016) it used to be impossible to have the DropBox desktop client on any single computer be linked to more than one DropBox Business team at a time.[1] Has that been fixed yet?


FWIW, here is my specific use-case, in case there are other ways of solving our problem. (Note: Our case involves the need for only two linked business accounts, but the more general case is where "two" is simply replaced by "more than one"). So:


  1. My company has a Business DropBox account (Advanced, although I don't think that matters).
  2. We use an external advisory firm who also have their own (separate) Business DropBox account.[2]
  3. We would like to have the relevant people from the external firm be made members of our own DropBox Business team, without affecting their ability to be members of their own firm's team.
  4. Since membership seems to be done via email address, I am happy to give them email addresses specific to my company if that is needed.
  5. I'd like their access to my DropBox files and folders be via syncing of their desktop client; i.e. I know they can already do all of this via the web interface, but that's not sufficient. 
  6. One other possibly-relevant point: it is entirely possible that any/all of the external firm's people will also have their own personal DropBox accounts, and I don't want to interfere with their ability to use those -- again, in particular when it comes to syncing with the desktop client

In the event that the only-one-business-account-at-a-time limitation has still not been removed, if there's another way to meet the above requirements, I'm all ears. (Note: at the moment our workaround is to simply share, with the external users, the required access to any needed files or folders. But that is very sub-optimal and means we don't get to make full use of features such as Groups).




[1] Desktop syncing to one personal account and one business account was fine -- it still is; but two business accounts was not permitted.

[2] In our specific case, it's an external accounting firm, but in the general form of the problem, it could be lawyers; HR advisors; or any number of external consultant type people/firms; and even several of them at the same time.

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Dropbox Staff

Hi @ThomasQ, thanks for messaging the Community!


Currently, it isn't possible to connect to more than one Dropbox Business team.


If you're interested in this, you could choose to vote on this idea in the Community.


If you have any further queries, feel free to message back.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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