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Popup - Age Verification Suggested Verbiage Change

Popup - Age Verification Suggested Verbiage Change

New member | Level 2

Please change the age verification popup from asking for a birthday - that feels like an unnecessary gathering of PII and a privacy violation - to asking if the user is old enough to meet the TOS minimal ages. Dropbox stores an enormous amount of highly personal information already and asking for a specific birthday, for no discernable reason (I clarified with support why), really caused me concern.


I've been a DB customer since the YC days; I recall signing up originally for something called SugarSync, an early DB competitor. My account might not say it's that old because I changed countries and billing options so had to temporarily unsubscribe and resubscribe but it dates way back. Even then, I did not like being asked for what seemed like an unnecessary piece of personally identifiable information.


I'd strongly suggest changing the demand for a birthday to something like: "Due to government regulations, Dropbox Terms of Service requires that users are at least 13 years old in the US and 16 years old elsewhere. Do you meet this requirement?" with the answers being simply "Yes" and "No." Sure, people can lie but they can lie about their birthday anyway.


In any event, great service. I have a free very high storage OneDrive account, gobs of iCloud storage, and also a lot of storage from Adobe but use DB exclusively. I think it's a great service. But even as a loyal customer, I found the demand for a DOB extremely off-putting.


Michael Olenick

[email removed as per Community Guidelines]

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Re: Popup - Age Verification Suggested Verbiage Change


Hey @michaelo2, thanks for taking the time to write to our Community.


We really appreciate your feedback about this matter.


I will make sure to pass your comments along to our team about it.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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