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How Peter and his team prepare slide decks without email

Meet Peter, who uses Dropbox to collaborate with his team on weekly slide decks. This is Peter’s story…
What brought me to Dropbox
We were using e-mail to share slide decks back and forth. E-mail limitations blocked our slides and forced us to use work-arounds to reduce their size.
How I use Dropbox
When I want to see if the materials I need for my weekly slide deck are available all I have to do is check the recent updates from my system tray, and the rest of the team can likewise see when the new deck is available, too! Moreover, needing to be done at the end of the week means that it's very helpful to be notified when new/updated files are ready for use. Notifications when files have been uploaded or changed saves me a ton of time! 
Tips for the community
  • Shared Dropbox space uses up space in each and every account that files are shared with. 
  • You can get an old copy of your file from the Dropbox support team if you accidentally overwrite important info.
  • Don't just move files to a shared Dropbox folder, work on them there, too!
  • If you're using the free subscription, remind everyone on your team to invite other people -- get some extra shared space!
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