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How a COO uses Dropbox to work with his team and his customers

Meet Alexandre, a COO who uses Dropbox to collaborate with internal and external teams, and communicate with customers…
What brought me to Dropbox
It was key to be able to communicate with staff by sharing content, but overall we were having trouble collaborating with other teams (partner, customers and internal). 
How I use Dropbox
Files and folders:
Dropbox is key for my personal use and for my organization. First, every piece of content is stored in Dropbox so it's very easy to share with my customers or my team. Features like sharing, file requests, or smart sync are very useful for me because they are simple and intuitive. 
This year I started to use Paper for different processes. I usually create a Paper document to share meeting notes, tasks and schedules. It's very a very intuitive tool as I work on projects, and particularly helpful when I work with customers. 
Tips for the community
  • Take your time. Think about the structure and the organization you want, because Dropbox will give you a new way of working. It’s more than a simple shared folder.
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Sharing and Collaboration

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