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How do I share with someone outside of Dropbox?

how do I share a link to someone who is not a dropbox user?

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Re: Shared links

Super User

Hello, @freddavisbrown...


You can read this Help Center article regarding shared links.


I realize that it's hard to know for sure how sharing a link to folders/files will appear to your participants (especially when testing folders/files in your account vs another person's).


For that reason, I make it possible for you to test-drive how sharing a link is viewed by YOUR recipients... please feel free to explore my example folder below.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you want to have the same experience as a non-Dropbox user then you should sign out of your Dropbox account or use a different browser.



The image below shows you the hierarchy of my example for sharing a LINK to a sub folder that only allows the recipient to view the ExampleSubFolder's contents.


Sharing a LINK to a Folder/File in my sub folder example does not give you access to the parent folder (zz.Example2) or its other sub folder (ExampleSubFolder2).


Depending upon how your folders/files are arranged within your Dropbox account:


  1. You may have to create a new parent or sub folder.
  2. Then copy/move your files to that folder in order to control what your recipients can view or download.

If image doesn't load... refresh your browser, F5. Otherwise try again later


  • There are 20 GB bandwidth limitations set per day.  This means that every file, photo or video that's viewed and/or downloaded counts against your daily allotment.
  • EXAMPLE:  You share a link to a 500 MB video (0.5 GB) and it's viewed 40 times in less than 24 hours, then your 20 GB bandwidth limit for a free Dropbox account has been attained (your links will be temporarily disabled, and anyone who tries to access them will see an error page instead of your files).
  • Keep in mind that if you share a link with people who in turn shares the link with their friends, especially via social media, then your bandwidth limit could be reached in an hour (not hours).
  • Upgrading to a Plus account will remove the daily 20 GB restriction and will increase it to 200 GB.

Re: Shared links

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Re: Shared links

Level 2

When i create a view only share link and send it to myself to test, it prompts me to login, but when I click on your example link, it goes right to showing the folder contents. I'm missing something...  I want to share photos, but not have everybody need to sign in with google or any other account...

Hmmm...maybe my issue is I am using the android app to create the share. Maybe there are other options on the Web version...

I just tried and it seems like the link I create from the web view has more options, but none that seem to control making the link require a login. But, when i created the link from the web it did not prompt for a login. So, it works!

not sure why creating the view link from the app makes the person login when i test the link via the web.

In both cases, it says "Sign in" in the upper right corner, so I think that confirms in both tests I am NOT logged in.

Maybe I made a mistake someplace. Or maybe this info will help if others are having the same issue.


Re: Shared links

Hi there i wanted to as if i take the professional type of upgrade. Will the bandwith limit become more higher? for example if plus were 200gb will limit become more like 500gb?or even higher?

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How do I share with someone outside of Dropbox?
4 Replies
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