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Shared excel file only saving changes one direction

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Shared excel file only saving changes one direction

I have a shared file with one other person. When I make a change to the excel file inside, it saves on my end AND the other person can see the changes. When the other person tries to make a change and save, it doesn't appear when they re-open, or when I open on my end. The folder is synced correctly. The other person has editing access. I read something about how dropbox doesnt save "temp files" from microsoft files. Is there a work-around or a fix anyone has found? Thanks!

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Re: Shared excel file only saving changes one direction

Hi Taralie,


I'm Andreas with the Dropbox team. Thanks for asking questions on our Forum!


I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues with a shared folder. In order to troubleshoot, I would ask that you go through below steps to shed some light on what's causing this:

1. Check your “Sharing” tab online to make sure that the folder is active between you and any of your collaborators. You should go the Dropbox website and find the “Sharing” tab on the left hand side. Here is the link:

Once you’re there, you should see the folder you’re working with listed in blue in the top half of the screen. If it’s not there, check the grey area below to see if the folder was accidentally removed. If it was, you can click “Rejoin”, which should solve the problem.

2. If the folder is listed as active in the sharing tab, go ahead and click the “Options” button next to the name of the folder. This will show you all of the members of the folder — make sure the other users you are trying to share with are listed there.

3. If you see that the folder is active and other users are still active members of the folder, you should find the folder on the Dropbox website under the “Files” tab and check to see if the missing contents appear online. If they aren’t there, then for account security purposes, I will need the other individual to either write in with a new support request, which can be addressed to me, or respond to this request from the email linked to the Dropbox account in question.

4. If the files appear on the other user’s account when they log in online to the Dropbox website, please have them send a screenshot in their response.

5. If the files appear online but not on your computer, then this problem is probably due to a connection error between your computer and your Dropbox account. Please tell me the name of the device you're using and I can investigate further. You can find a list of linked devices here:

I hope this information helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Best regards,


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