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Sharing files via a link

I want to share a file (Excel) with about 20 others. No doubt some will either not have a Dropbox account or the software (MS Office) or both. My questions are - 

Must they create a Dropbox account / Must they have the software or app (or install something) in order to view and/or download the file(s)?

Does Dropbox provide (without installing anything) a viewer for MS Office files?

I'm trying to provide information to others in the easiest least complicated way possible.


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Re: Sharing files via a link

Hey there @Moosure - how are you today? 

As you probably know, with Dropbox, you can create a sharable link to any file or folder in your Dropbox folder. Anyone with the link can view the contents, but can’t edit them. 

You can also review current links and delete them here:

Another thing to note here is that you (or they) should be able to preview Excel files up until 40 MBs on our website with no problem - for larger ones you (or they) will have to download the file and open it natively on their machines using a third party app (like Microsoft Excel for example). 

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Sharing files via a link

So, I guess the clear answer is-

They do not need to create a Dropbox account in order to see the file

The files, with a size of less than 40mb,  can be viewed without installing a file viewer.




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Re: Sharing files via a link

@Moosure wrote:

The files, with a size of less than 40mb,  can be viewed without installing a file viewer. Right?

Correct. As long as the Excel file is less than 40MB, the Dropbox website will be able to preview it.

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