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What happens to files I delete in a shared folder?

Level 2

Hi! I am wondering if someone out there can clarify one thing... if I share a folder with someone (ie my mom) but I don’t need to keep the photos...what happens if I delete MY folder after sharing? Will she still have access? I’m assuming she will if she hits the ‘Download’ icon??

TIA and Happy Friday all!

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Re: Sharing

Level 5

Yes or No depending on two scenarios:


Yes: If you share the folder with her and she imports it into her dropbox account and it gets synced on her computer, then the photos will get deleted once primary owner (You) decides to delete them.


No: If you are just sharing a link and she downloads them as a zip file into another folder which is not synced via Dropbox, she will have continual access to those photos (and those memories to cherish) even after you remove them from your dropbox. Only catch, is she needs to download before you delete, else the sharing link will be invalidated.


Hope this help. Keep Dropbox-ing !


Re: Sharing

Level 2
Very helpful. Thx!
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What happens to files I delete in a shared folder?
2 Replies
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