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Sharing and collaboration

Sharing and collaboration

Share some files, keep others private, and manage collaboration with Dropbox. Still unsure? Posting a question here will likely receive an answer in less than 4 hours
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How can i report child porn dropbox folder?

Community Expert Reply
I was on a kik chat the other day when i stumbled upon a dropbox link. I thoughc...
updated by: Mark ‎08-19-2017 07:17:15 AM
0 7

Shared Folders

Community Expert Reply
I set up a shared folder initially to share a 1 hour quicktime video.I dont see ...
updated by: Mark ‎08-19-2017 07:09:50 AM
0 3

Dropbox Crashing Mac

Dropbox Staff Reply
Has anyone had the Dropbox app actually cause their computer to crash and restar...
updated by: Jane ‎08-18-2017 04:34:43 PM
0 3

Subfolder sharing - will not sync main folder

Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply
I want to share all folders from my free account with my paid account. Some fold...
updated by: Jane ‎08-18-2017 04:10:32 PM
0 5

Help! I just removed access to a folder I need to use!

Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply
I accidentally clicked "Remove My Access" for a folder that was shared with me t...
updated by: Jane ‎08-18-2017 01:06:37 PM
0 2

Cannot upload file to shared link. (Windows)

Dropbox Staff Reply
Working with a company that uses Slack and anytime I'm sent a Dropbox folder lin...
updated by: Jane ‎08-18-2017 08:44:28 AM
0 3

My Shared Public PDF files that contain hyperlinks will not let you click them WHY?!?!

Dropbox Staff Reply
I am a teacher and have been using Dropbox for over 6 years to share files with ...
updated by: Sanchez ‎08-18-2017 05:38:51 AM
0 3

Access from android

Dropbox Staff Reply
Hi, I have an account on XP desktop and know that support is no longer there. I ...
updated by: Sanchez ‎08-17-2017 12:16:21 AM
0 1

Is it possible to connect two business accounts to a desktop?

Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply
I'm working in a studio with part time contractors who work for other companies....
updated by: Jane ‎08-16-2017 03:30:30 PM
0 3

Create a download link in Finder

Dropbox Staff Reply
Hi, I use dropbox since many years. Usually I could create downloadlinks directl...
updated by: Jane ‎08-16-2017 02:14:59 PM
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