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don't see option to open in Excel online

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don't see option to open in Excel online

I would like to work on a shared Excel spreadsheet in a shared folder. I would like to open the spreadsheet in Excel Online. I'm not seeing the option to do that. I'm only seeing the option to download. From reading online forums, I gather this might be a syncing issue. But I don't know how to fix it. When I look in shared folders, I see this folder. I don't know how to check to see if this one file is synced. Thank you.

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Re: don't see option to open in Excel online

Hey @EmiliaAskari


I'd be glad to help you clarify this query! 


I have the impression that you'll first need to review this resource that addresses your query. If you have more questions about it, or you experience a different behavior, please feel free to let me know here and I'll be glad to follow-up! 


Wishing you a great rest of the day! 


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