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privacy of a shared stuff

Is there a way to block people from seeing everybody you've shared the file with? Everyone who the file is being shared with can see each other's personal information - Name and email address. This is fine for in-house collaborations. But for projects meant to be shared outside a company (a showcase for example), my clients should not know who all my other clients are. 

Is there a way around this without making a new showcase for each client. 

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Re: privacy of a shared stuff

Hi there, currently there isn’t a way to avoid this since if you’re viewing a Showcase while logged into your account, you get the following message:
“Just a reminder that when you open a showcase, your name, email address, avatar photo, and viewer and visit information are always visible to the other people in it.”
However, if the Showcase URL is available to everyone, meaning you don’t need a Dropbox account to view it, users can simply open the Showcase in an incognito or private browsing windows, or while not logged into their account. 
This way, only a ‘Guest’ will show up as viewing it, so you won’t know know who it is, and no one else can see that person’s email (since they’re not logged in).
Hope this info is helpful!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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