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Upload, Share, Export? Correct term for taking a photo from Drobox to Instagram?

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Export? Upload? Share?

Which of the above terms is correct when you  take a photo from your Dropbox account and put it on Instagram? What are the major difference between these terms? 


On this above journey (Dropbox to Instagram), will the photo automatically be saved in "Photos" (Apple). Will it also be saved in "Photos" if you click airdrop?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Re: Upload, Share, Export? Correct term for taking a photo from Drobox to Instagram?

Hey @Phiephie, great question; I’ll do my best to explain the differences!
#1. Exporting a file saves a copy of the file to any location on your device, such as your device's Documents folder or another application. Consequently, exported files will not sync with your Dropbox account.
#2. On the other hand, the Dropbox mobile app iphone allows you to create and upload files directly to your Dropbox account from your phone or tablet. Uploaded files sync with Dropbox on your computer and all your other connected devices.
#3. Last but not least, sharing helps you make you content visible to a larger audience &- if you wish- you can grant others Edit rights, so that they work with you on a project or send you files that will be visible on both ends; you can think of it as shared space where your stuff lives. 
That all said, when you export your photos from Dropbox to instagram, you’re merely transferring a copy across apps. If you’d like to save that to your Photos, you can export a copy to your device, which you could then airdrop to more apple devices. 
I hope my message answers your questions & please do let me know how you get on with these tips or if you have any follow-up questions. Thanks & have a lovely rest of your day until we talk again! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Re: Upload, Share, Export? Correct term for taking a photo from Drobox to Instagram?

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Hi Jane,

Thank you for claryfing concerning export, upload and share

The digital world has decided to change the full meaning of the term "export".

In the analogue world (also in Latin ex=out) 
You export 1 car from USA to England. There is still only 1 car. 

In the digital world
When you export 1 file you create a copy of the same. There are now 2 files. 

Why has the digital world decided to give a different meaning to the the term export? Has this not been debated and created confusion?

I am looking forward to your answer

Kind regards




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Upload, Share, Export? Correct term for taking a photo from Drobox to Instagram?
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