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I deleted files but my account still says that I reached my limit?

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I have the basic free plan and frequently delete files to stay under the 2GB limit.  I inadvertently reached the 2 GB limit and then deleted a bunch of files.  Then I permanently deleted several of them.  But I still see a "limit reached" message and cannot upload anything.  So does it take some time for the permanently deleted files to actually be deleted?  I think I saw a message somewhere during that permanent deleting process that said something to the effect that "deleting files won't free up or restore space."  So am I to assume that it once the 2GB limit is reached, game over and I'll never be able to upload anything on that account ever? 


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Re: Reaching the 2 GB limit

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Deleted files dont use quota @JLucy so deleting them wont make any difference hence the message you saw. 

The issue is as simple as 'you are over quota'. So, if for example you were 100mb over quota and then deleted 10,000 files but these only removed 50mb of space you'd still be 50mb over quota. The number of files is almost immaterial - its the size of them. 

Also, remember that Shared Folders count towards your quota, so, if you are in any shares if people have added files to them THAT will be using up your space as well.


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I deleted files but my account still says that I reached my limit?
1 Reply
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