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I've deleted files but why is my account reporting that it's full?

Level 2

I got a notice my dropbox is full. I went online and deleted a lot of picture files but it has not reduced the size of my box, even after permanently deleted them from the "deleted files" folder. How do I get my dropbox to update?

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Re: Dropbox Full

Super User II

Deleted files do not use quota, so, that wont have done anything.

Dropbox will update instantly when you delete files, but, its important to remember that if you were, for example, 2gb over quota and deleted 100,000 files but that only equated to 1gb in size you would still be 1gb over quota. The number of files is almost imaterial - its the size that matters. 

Its also worth remembering that Shared Folders use quota, so, if you are in any and they've suddenly added LOADS of data etc. that will also use up your space.


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I've deleted files but why is my account reporting that it's full?
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