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Reached the maximum number of invitations for a shared folder

Level 2

When I click the invite friends tab on the account/plan tab and I go to send an invitation I receive the message "You've already sent the maximum number of invitations"


When I then go to click the link that says "View the status of your referrals" to see if I can maybe cancel a few, I then get taken back to the account/plan tab.


I am on basic free plan and have earned 14.25gb and as I understand It I could still potentially earn another 1.75gb.


Any help on "resetting" or "clearing" these invites would be great as I sent that list out about a year ago and so if links haven't been clicked by them then I guess they never will!


Many thanks in advance




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Re: Invitation

Super User II
It isnt possible to clear it I'm afraid Mikey.

The limit is set exceptionally high and if you've hit it then you've hit it to stop being reported as a spammer which would remove ALL of your bonus space.

You may be able to send people you KNOW (only - do not just randomly send it out) via your own email using the referral link, you just cannot use the Dropbox one.


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Re: Invitation

Level 2
Right! I thought it might be something along those lines as opposed to a glitch.

Oh well, got 14.25gb so can't grumble!

Thank you Mark slightly smiling face

Re: Invitation

Level 3


sorry this is not the solution to my question. I do not worry about shared space, I need a high number of daily invites for a shared fowlder.




Re: Reached the maximum number of invitations for a shared folder

Level 2

I received this message when I tried to share files while using my VPN. When I disconnected the VPN, the message did not appear.


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Reached the maximum number of invitations for a shared folder
4 Replies
Solved! : See solution
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