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Available space in my dropbox

Available space in my dropbox

New member | Level 2

Hi everyone,


I am experiencing an issue with the size information on my dropbox and am constantly being asked to upgrade.


I currently have 7.5Gb space availability. When I log in online, I get told that 7.04Gb of this has been used. However, when I look at my desktop folder, the amount of space used is only 1.30Gb, which sounds about right. Yesterday I deleted many files via the browser and it temporarily took the file size used to 4.3Gb. However, after a short while, that increased magically to 7.04Gb.


Is Dropbox intent on getting me to upgrade by misquoting the file size online or is something else taking up this space?


Thank you in advance.

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Dropbox Staff

Hi @tas999, sorry to hear you're having issues with this.


Could you please send us a screenshot of what's reported in your plan tab in regards to your quota?


Also, do you see any folders taking up space in your backups page perhaps?


Let me know what you find!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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