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Dropbox full

Dropbox full

New member | Level 2

Hello, I have already tried deleting files, permanently deleting it, but nothing's changing on my account. 

Upon checking all the space I have consumed, I'm only consuming less than 1mb through the desktop app (properties). But Dropbox says I have consumed 3.53gb out of 2gb. My "regular files" consumes 3.5gb, but I don't know what those files are. I have already unlinked all my other devices. 

I already checked the Backup settings. The first time I checked it, it has a backup that consumes 3gb so I deleted it. I thought it's already okay. But Dropbox is still saying it's full. The 3gb backup is no longer there tho. 

I'm using a dropbox with a team, but I am the only one who experiences this. 

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Re: Dropbox full

Dropbox Staff

Hi there @camille21, sorry to hear you're having issues with this.


Can you please let us know what's reported in your account's plan tab in regards to your quota? 


Do you see any files or folders listed on this page or your account's homepage


Let us know what you find!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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