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Missing referral space

Missing referral space

Jim E.4
Helpful | Level 6

I have used my free 2GB account for many years and earned a additional 3.5 GB. I had to replace my computer because my original desktop died. When I sign it say I have a basic 2GB of space and there is nothing I can use.All the files would be only 50MB. My account still shows the 3.5 GB earned for referrals. Should it not say 5.5 GB? If all I uploaded was 2- 25 mb files why does it say cannot sync no space? The minimum basic plan for 100GB  is way to much money and a will never happen with me. The same 100GB with Google drive is $23.88 a year, more realistic. The chat bot was a total waste of my time. Is there a simple email to ask my questions? I thought the @#$%## storm the unrealistic 3 device limit caused was bad, I have deleted all files, all 2 of them and it still says I am out of space. How can I be out of space, please help me understand.

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Re: Missing referral space

Dropbox Staff

Hi there @Jim E.4, thanks for reaching out to us today.


Can you please check the plan tab in your account settings to see how much space (used and available) you actually have?


Do you perhaps have any shared folders that might be taking up your space?


Or did you enable our backup feature maybe?


Let me know what you find.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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