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Control of Online-Only Sync Times

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When I save new files to my local DropBox, they remain local for some period of time.  But since my default is Online-Only, eventually, the local file becomes just a pointer to the cloud copy.  I think this happens within a day or two. Is there a way to control that timing? 

Would be great if there was a setting that did local sync of all files younger than a certain number of days, weeks or months.  I have many years of stuff and love the online only.  But I want rapid loads of the stuff that is new and what is accessed 95% of the time.  In my case, a months worth of new stuff would still be less than 1% of my Dropbox library.  So a hybrid would work well for me that is based on time.

And while you are at it, even an old file, once accessed, should stay local for a controlable amount of time.  It is statistically more likely I'll need it again.



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Re: Control of Online-Only Sync Times

Hey there (@PaperBoy), all great questions & ideas; thanks a lot for posting us your thoughts on our Forum! 
I think this happens within a day or two. Is there a way to control that timing? 
While you’re right in your assumption (namely the default settings for newly added content on your device is Local White check mark despite the setting you’ve chosen on the Sync Arrows Counter Clock tab), you’ll either need to set your file to Online-Only ☁️ manually or this will happen automatically if the file is changed (by another user or device perhaps) & syncs from your account online to your desktop. 
From there, there isn’t currently a way to adjust the sync timing however I’ve included your thoughts on how you’d like to go about fine-tuning your syncing clock according to your needs in my report internally. 
In any event, I appreciate the time you took to write us on our Community & we’re always a post away in case you have further inquiries or feedback for us in the future; don't hesitate to reach back out here at any time & it’ll be a pleasure to discuss matters with you. Take care until we talk again! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Control of Online-Only Sync Times
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