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Desktop files not syncing

The actual files and shortcuts on my desktop are not syncing.  The desktop folder in my Dropbox folder shows synced, but if I add a file to my desktop, it doesn't sync this folder.  There are no green check marks on anything on my desktop. All folders in my Dropbox folder are syncing, just not desktop. This worked on an old computer which I had to replace, but not on the new one. 

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there @Re: Desktop files not syncing

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Hey there @austinstephens - how are you today?


I can't think of a way this can be done at the moment. How exactly did you accomplish that in the past? 


I believe this is best addressed here -- do let me know what you find.




Re: Desktop files not syncing

Super User

Hey @austinstephens, Generally speaking Desktop folder is not synced by Dropbox app. Dropbox folder is just like any other folder in your computer, whatever you save inside this folder, that data is synced to the Dropbox cloud and any other connected devices. 


By default the Desktop folder in not inside the Dropbox folder, so it cannot sync. However, you may move your Desktop folder to Dropbox manually to make sync possible. I am guessing you are using Windows operating system. First rename the existing Desktop folder inside your Dropbox folder to Desktop_old (or anything you like other than Desktop), because I think the Desktop folder currently inside your Dropbox folder not the actual Desktop folder that Winodws uses.


Next go to your Desktop folder in Windows Explorer. It should be in C:\Users\UserName. Right click the Desktop folder, and choose Properties. 


2018-07-11 at 11.18 PM.png


Then go to the Location tab, and choose Move


2018-07-11 at 11.21 PM.png


Now select the location of your Dropbox folder. 


2018-07-11 at 11.25 PM.png


By doing so, you should be able to move your Windows Desktop folder inside the Dropbox folder. Now, everything you put in the Desktop should sync with Dropbox. Later move the files/folders from the Desktop_old folder to your actual Desktop if you like. 


Re: Desktop files not syncing

Perfect @Elixir! That does it. I was trying to copy instead of Move!  One note: once you rename the old desktop folder in Dropbox, you should create a new blank desktop folder there.  Move doesn't move the folder, but the files within it. So all files from the desktop are moved to this new desktop folder. Thanks!

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Desktop files not syncing
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