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Dropbox on Desktop not syncing

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Dropbox on Desktop not syncing

Files saved in DropBox desktop (MacBook Pro, Sierra OS X 10.12.6) often take hours to show up in the Cloud drive. Sometime immediate. No rhyme or reason that I can see. No special characters in filenames: only AlphaNum, dashes and underscores. I've seen others posting this problem but no solid responses/solutions. Help is appreciated.

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Re: Dropbox on Desktop not syncing

Hey @3rdi4sight, welcome to our forum! 

Syncing issues like what you’re describing sometimes are caused by having referenced files/folders in other locations besides the Dropbox folder. These are called Symlinks, and we recommend that you find and remove them. 

Here’s an excerpt from our help center: 


If you know you have symlinks in your Dropbox folder, remove them to improve the performance of the Dropbox desktop app. Symlinks refer to data in locations outside of the Dropbox folder, so the Dropbox desktop app can get stuck attempting to access them.

If you're not sure if you have symlinks in your Dropbox folder, use the steps below to generate a list of any that exist. This list shows you the full file path to every symlink and where the symlink points to outside of the Dropbox folder.

In general, we recommend that you move actual data (your files and folders) into the Dropbox folder, and then create a symlink where the data was previously located. That way the symlink is outside of the Dropbox folder and the actual data will sync in your Dropbox. In this arrangement, you'll still be able to access the data at a location outside of the Dropbox folder in addition to in your Dropbox.

For OS X or Linux computers

1. Open your Terminal app located at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal. (Or, open your preferred command line input on Linux.)

2. Copy and paste the command line below and press Enter on your keyboard.

find ~/Dropbox -type l -exec ls -lah {} \;

For Windows computers

1. Press the Windows + R keys (at the same time) on your keyboard.

2. Type cmd and press Enter on your keyboard to open the command prompt.

3. Copy and paste the command line below and press Enter on your keyboard.

dir "%HOMEPATH%\Dropbox" /a:l /s

By default, the Dropbox folder is located in ~/Dropbox. If you have a Dropbox Business account, the default location for the business Dropbox folder is ~/Dropbox [team name]. To search the business Dropbox folder you should replace ~/Dropbox with the full pathway to the Dropbox folder within quotation marks. You should do the same if you moved the Dropbox folder to a location other than the default location. See the following example pathway:

 find "users/Michel/Documents/Dropbox (Enterprise)" -type l -exec ls -lah {} \;

I would go ahead and check for these, and see how it goes. If you continue to experience the issue, then it would be best to write in to our support team for further investigation. 


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