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How Vicker organizes his team’s files and uses a templatized system for every new Dropbox folder

Community Manager
Meet Vicker, who turned chaos into order by organizing his team’s files in Dropbox. This is Vicker’s story…
What brought us to Dropbox
Although we are just a small team with around 5 people, thousands of files are being shared among us. Before we adopted Dropbox, files were everywhere. Email attachments, thumb drives, IMs, OS shared folders, sometimes even a temporary folder on our web server. We needed a way to keep things in one place and always available to everyone.
It was difficult to have so many channels for sharing files, and to see files shared between individuals that needed to be available to the whole team. We always heard the questions, “Where are the files?” and “Is this the latest version?”
How we use Dropbox
By far the Smart Sync feature helps us the most. With our continuously growing number of assets, it is difficult to keep everything on the local computer. However, there are times that referencing or accessing some of the archives are necessary. Smart Sync allows us to keep all the file and folder listing while keeping the storage consumption minimal. And file retrieval is just a simple right click.
In the beginning, we started with just putting up icon files or code snippets of our projects into a single team folder. With more and more files stored in Dropbox, we started to organize our things by project, followed by asset type. e.g. a-logo, b-app-icon, c-icons, d-photos, v-video, z-screenshots, etc. We created a folder template as well so that whenever a new project arise, we can immediately adopt the same organizing technique.
Tips for the community:
  • In the early days we created a folder called _online_only with Selective Sync unchecked, which stores all the content that we don't wish to sync to our computer due to storage concerns.
  • When I started using Dropbox I wish I knew about Smart Sync and how easy it is to switch over from Selective Sync.
  • Try out new features, even at a small scale, when Dropbox releases them.
  • Avoid using Selective Sync, unless the amount of files is really huge. Smart Sync handles things extremely well.


Do you use Dropbox in a similar way? Have questions for Vicker about their workflow? Reply below with your thoughts!

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How Vicker organizes his team’s files and uses a templatized system for every new Dropbox folder
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