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I'm facing an issue applying Selective Sync settings on my Mac. Can you help me?

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Hi guys,

I recently got dropbox installed on my macbook. It's my work dropbox and I didn't realise that it would sync all of our work files and take up all of my hard drive space and memory. I looked into it and saw that you could use selective sync to unselect everything from dropbox to free up the space. When I tried that it just said that dropbox couldn't do it. At first I tried unselecting the whole thing and then individually but still no luck, same message! Then my laptop blacked out and when it came back the little dropbox icon at the top can't do anything as it constantly says 'connecting'. And then it won't let me move dropbox to trash as it says it can't while app is open, which it's not!

Basically, can't do anything with my laptop as every byte is taken up so its super slow and confused. Would be grateful for any help 

Many thanks

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Re: Selective Sync problems


Hey there @wggriffin - sorry to hear about your issues with applying your desired Selective Sync settings.

The error message you described is usually shown when your hard drive doesn't have enough free space to complete the Selective Sync operations that you've saved.

While Selective Sync is designed to free up space on your hard drive, for the settings to be configured and successfully applied our software needs to utilize a small amount of your existing free space to process this change. The message you are seeing is suggesting that there isn't sufficient free space to even carry out this task.

To move forward, I'd suggest that you free up space on your computer by using the features of your current OS, perhaps by emptying the trash or removing temporary or old files. You may want to reach out to your OS support in order to get information about how to safely make more space on your hard disk.

In the meantime, if there's any additional information that you think would be helpful for me to know, please feel free to reply.

PS: As per shutting it down to complete the actions you wanted note that the normal way to stop Dropbox is to quit the application from your Dropbox menu:

1) Click the Dropbox icon in the system tray, or menu bar, by the clock.
3) Click the gear icon gear
2) Choose either "Exit Dropbox" or "Quit Dropbox".

If that doesn't work then you can force quit the Dropbox program by following these steps: 



On Mac:
1) Open "Activity Monitor" from your Applications > Utilities folder (or find and open it using Spotlight).
2) Select "Dropbox" from the list of running applications and click "Quit Process" under the red stop sign.
3) Repeat this if necessary until Dropbox is no longer displayed in the list.

On Windows:
1) Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys at the same time.
2) Select "Start Task Manager."
3) Select the "Processes" tab.
4) Select "Dropbox.exe" and press the "End Process" button.


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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I'm facing an issue applying Selective Sync settings on my Mac. Can you help me?
1 Reply
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