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Incomplete document display

I cannot see the whole document when I open in dropbox. Its as if the edges of one vertical and one horizontal edge are chopped off. Scrolling the placement bar does not help. Any ideas how to resolve this?

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Re: Incomplete document display

Hey @gilldares, thanks for checking in on our Community! 
From what I gather based on your description, you’re unable to preview your docs on our website, am I right in my assumption? 
If so, could you please try your browser’s incognito/private mode or even a different browser than your standard? As an additional step, clearing your browser's cache would be helpful. 
If this persists, I'd appreciate it if you included a screenshot (omitting personal info) of what it looks like to you in your next post here, so as to have a clearer picture & further advise. 
Thanks in advance for taking the time to try the troubleshooting steps I sent you gilldares  & I’ll be awaiting your next update on how the steps above work for you on this conversation! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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