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Multiple Dropbox Business Accounts

Hi guys,

I have two Dropbox business accounts, I think. Not my own, but I have been added as a user to two separate Dropbox business accounts via different emails.

On my macbook, my Dropbox folder syncs with one of them. I want to access the other account to use that. Can I switch between them, or have both of them syncing at the same time? I can't find a way to even sign-out of my Dropbox app on mac and into the other, only on the website, which is pointless as I need the sync ability.

I really don't understand why Dropbox is so darn complicated for having multiple accounts honestly, it's an absolute nightmare. Dropbox seems to be a different piece of software entirely on the website compared to the app. 

Can someone please help me figure out how to sign into a different Dropbox account on the app so I can sync from another account?


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Re: Multiple Dropbox Business Accounts

Super User II

You can't sync two Business accounts to the same device, at least not under the same computer user account. You can sync one Personal account (Basic, Plus or Professional) and one Business account, but you cannot sync two Personal or two Business accounts.

The only other way to sync multiple accounts would be to install each one under a different computer user account.


Re: Multiple Dropbox Business Accounts

Level 5

This issue needs to be addressed.

I am a DropBox reseller, and also use it for my business.  I have a business account and a personal account.

I'm also on several Boards of Directors, and have recommended DropBox for their board use.

It's kind of embarrassing for me, as the reseller, to tell the Board secretary to NOT add me to the board DropBox account because I can't use it.

DropBox is a perfect solution for boards.  It is easy to add new members and remove old members, and preserve the historical documents for the board.   But if any board member has a Dropbox Business account, they can't also participate in the board account.

Please fix this!


Re: Multiple Dropbox Business Accounts

Level 2

This is exactly the same problem I have. I think that's why some companies use Box Sync instead.

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Multiple Dropbox Business Accounts
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