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Need a link to get Dropbox OFF my pc and back onto the cloud!!

Level 4

I need to get ALL my Dropbox files OFF my pc, NOW!!!!!

I am furiously looking for a link that will do that for me, AND NOT FINDING IT.


My pc is chock full and dangerously so. It is not stable anymore, and I didn't know this was being done to my pc. I'm not happy about this.


I want my Dropbox in the cloud, NOT ON MY HARD DRIVE - it is not large enough.

This has never happened to me before in all the years I've had Dropbox. 


Also not happy about having to spend hours trying to remedy this problem when I need the sleep. 


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Re: Need a link to get Dropbox OFF my pc and back onto the cloud!!

Super User

Hey @tishtosh, here are the steps for removing your local Dropbox data (and have them in the cloud): 


  • Unlink your Dropbox account from your computer. Go to Dropbox Preferences (click the Dropbox icon in the Windows tray, then click the gear icon) > Account tab, and click the Unlink This Dropbox... button. 
  • Then you may quit the Dropbox app, and uninstall from your computer. 
  • Once you sucessfully unlink your computer, you can backup your Dropbox files (if needed), and then Delete the local Dropbox folder. 
  • Your Dropbox data will be available on the Dropbox web

Re: Need a link to get Dropbox OFF my pc and back onto the cloud!!

Super User II

I don't think you understand how Dropbox is suppsoed to work. Dropbox is not, primarily, a cloud-based folder or drive that only exists online. It's an actual folder on your computer, and anything you put in the Dropbox folder exists on your local drive. Dropbox then syncs that data to your account in the cloud, but the data remains on your computer. It's a file synchronization service, meant to keep your local copy in-sync with the online copy.


If you want to remove the local copy of certain folders from your computer, you can use Selective Sync. Any folders that you uncheck in Selective Sync will be removed from your local drive immediately, so make sure they're fully synced first. Those folders would then only be accessible through the Dropbox website.


If you have a Professional or Business account, you can also use Smart Sync. With Smart Sync you can mark a folder or file as Online-only and it will be removed from your local drive but it will still appear on your computer. Any file you open that is marked as Online-only would be synced back to your computer and opened as usual. When done with the file, you would then mark it as Online-only again.


Re: Need a link to get Dropbox OFF my pc and back onto the cloud!!

Level 4

@Elixir Thanks, Elixir, you are a gem. Saved my life, basically. Procedure on my pc was slightly different, but only slightly. So at least I got the goldarned files off my hard drive, and am now able to complete my work. Thank you! 


Besides which, the files went on my C drive, filled it up with 256Gb, and my data partition is 1TB, which is empty. So I'll have to figure out later what that's all about.


And no thank you to the answer that Dropbox should reside on the hard drive. The whole idea is to protect data in case of HD failure, besides access from all devices.

I've paid for DB for many years, and never had it on my hard drive, and never had any trouble accessing or storing files. I certainly don't want my 1TB hard drive filled up with my docs and files.  

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Need a link to get Dropbox OFF my pc and back onto the cloud!!
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