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Restore Access to My Dropbox Files

Today I noticed an alert advising me to reinstall Dropbox so that my synch icons would be repaired.  I did that, but did it by deleting the application and reinstalling it.  I ran the install script and nolonger have access to all the files I had on dropbox previously.  In searching for help to restore my previous settings, I am asked to provide an event code.  I have no event codes available to me, apparently because it is a new install of the Dropbox software.  I can provide Dropbox support with a url to one of the folders I shared with others, but not the url to all of my account folders.  I'm stuck on how to provide enough info to arm Dropbox support with enough info to guide me toward a restore, and I'm unable to speak with anyone to ask questions.

I'm not a technical person, but know enough to be dangerous.  Obviously, I was dangerous to myself when I took the wrong path to do a fresh install. 


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Re: Restore Access to My Dropbox Files

Can you see your files if you go to the dropbox Web Client?

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Re: Restore Access to My Dropbox Files



Re: Restore Access to My Dropbox Files

Hey there @jcccadmin!
Have you checked out the website, as @atccodex mentions? Have you had a look through your events page and your deleted files tab?
If you’d like to send an event link to our Support team, you can find more info and steps on how to do it hereslightly smiling face

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