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What happens if I shutdown my PC while syncing and using selective sync?

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I'm new to Dropbox. I put my 3gig file in the Dropbox of computer 1. It has been synicing for some time. What happens if I loss patience, and simply copy and past that some 3gig file from an external hard drive into the Dropbox folder of compter 2? 

The reason I ask is that it's taking so long, and I want to just set-up my Dropbox syncing asap so I can work with these files on both computers, then let them synic small changes to either one, without having to wait forever for my initial setup to complete. 

It's an Adobe Lightroom Catalog that I want to install on both computers, and use on each to keep them synced. But it's taking forever and I just want to copy and past the same exact cataloge to both computer to save time. 

Thanks for the help. 

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Re: What happens if I shutdown my PC while syncing and using selective sync?

Level 2

I dont' know how this post got that title. The title I wrote was: What if I place the identical file in a second computer's Dropbox folder while syncing? 


Re: What happens if I shutdown my PC while syncing and using selective sync?

Hey there (@josangel), I wouldn’t recommend re-uploading the same file(s) via two different devices, as it’s highly likely that these might be duplicated. If I were in your shoes, I’d adjust my bandwidth locally to sync a bit faster. 
Following, if you suspect that your files aren’t syncing, I’d suggest unlinking & relinking your account on your desktop once, as it recreates the local database
(Note: I checked back on the edits recorded on our end & I couldn't locate a rename by a colleague or by your account. However, please do let me know here if you’d like me to rename it on my end.)
Hopefully this points you towards the right direction & please do let me know how my suggestion works for you or in case you need further assistance in any way. Enjoy the rest of your day until we talk again! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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What happens if I shutdown my PC while syncing and using selective sync?
2 Replies
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