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camera upload is blocked when roaming. How to unblock?

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I am located within europe in another country then my own. So roaming is active. In europe this costs no extra money. However dropbox seems to block camera-upload from my android-phone. How can I get rid of this block?

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Re: camera upload is blocked when roaming. How to unblock?


Hey there @keesvh - welcome to our forums!

Now, as per your inquiry, note that this is not possible at the moment as Camera uploads won’t work if:

  • Your device battery is low
  • Your mobile device is roaming

Note that we're actively tracking your feedback to inform the ongoing development of our versions to come so I wanted you to also know that I've passed your comments along to the team in my internal feedback report as this has been suggested in the past as shown below: (you can upvote the idea too!)

I know this is not what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps to some extent. 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: camera upload is blocked when roaming. How to unblock?

Level 4

It's not going to get fixed anytime soon, it's a serious bug which means Dropbox is NOT RELIABLE because it won't back up your photos unless you find a slow Wi-Fi connection compared to that of 3G or 4G in Europe (which is all free), whereas a slow Wi-Fi will cost money.

This was reported in 2016 to Dropbox, it's clearly not an issue for our American friends so I assume they'll not bother until enough people complain or another 2 years pass?

Crazy really since I'm sure a on/off switch in the software can't be that hard to add?


Re: camera upload is blocked when roaming. How to unblock?

this is a joke.  i use an Ipad and an android phone.  i needed an easy'ish way to get my photos taken from my phone onto my ipad and the one thing holding me back from using an android phone was the fact that i could not have my photos sync between devices.  I decided this would be ok because i could use dropbox camera upload to share between devices.   i work out of country and my photos will not upload while roaming.  Im sick of iphones and ive been able to find a workaround for almost everything that apple products do very well between other apple products except this.  My decision to go with android literally came down to this one thing.  It wasnt untill i was roaming that i noticed no photos where uploading.  wtf dropbox?

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camera upload is blocked when roaming. How to unblock?
3 Replies
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