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cleanup at start

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cleanup at start

Could someone suggest what this message means and what the solution might be, thank you.


Mac OSX Server 10.11.latest

DropBox App for Mac.latest

DropBox Business Account


DropBox Status Screenshot Mac OSX

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Super User II

Re: cleanup at start

You have a file in your Dropbox called "Cleanup At Startup" and Dropbox is unable to sync it. It's either locked by another process (the file is open in another application, etc.) or you do not have access to it. You need to either close whatever process has the file locked, or fix your access rights to the file. Once Dropbox is able to access the file, syncing of the file will resume.

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Re: cleanup at start

Hi Rich,

I have done a Search and no, I do not have a file called 'Cleanup At Startup' face with open mouth
Super User II

Re: cleanup at start

Well, that is what the message refers to. It's nothing specific to Dropbox. It is or was a file or folder in your Dropbox folder. Dropbox is attempting to sync it and is unable to do so.