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using dropbox as a file server?

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using dropbox as a file server?

Hi all,


I've been using dropbox for a while to share photos with friends and families but now I'm wondering if I can take my usage a step further.


Is it possible to use my dropbox account as a file server?


At work, I can map a drive letter (eg X: ) to a storage device (I think it's a Windows2000 server) and so I can save files to X: then access them whereever I am in the office LAN environment.

I'd love to do something similar with some files on my home laptop.  Eg, Map Y: to my personal dropbox account, then whenever I have an internet connection, I could use my Y: files. 


This would be a great help to me and would certainly help me to un-clog my over-full laptop and at the same time, give me a little bit of off-site data backup too.


Any help much appreciated!

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Re: using dropbox as a file server?

Dropbox has no functionality for mapping a drive to your account.

They do have a SmartSync feature that allows you to specify that folders within your account are only accessible online (not stored locally), but this feature is only available to Dropbox for Business/Enterprise accounts.

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Re: using dropbox as a file server?

Thanks for the reply.  I tried to understand the SmartSync thing but it seems a little cumbersome for what I had in mind.


Do you know of any cloud storage services that might work in the way I am looking for? (Basically, a cloud file server)

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Re: using dropbox as a file server?

OneDrive, if you're on Windows. There are also third-party utilities that will allow you to map a drive to various cloud storage providers (including Dropbox), but they're typically slow and cumbersome, and rarely supported by the storage providers. I've even heard of problems with the feature on OneDrive, and it's Microsoft's own product.

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