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Complete account activation Dropbox SSO on Ubuntu Mate 16.04

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Hey there, I have an issue when it comes to entering the link code generated by SSO on a Linux machine running Ubuntu Mate 16.04.

I receive the code in my browser, but the Dropbox client does not have a entry field for it.

I've tried the client available in the Ubuntu repo, the latest stable version from Dropbox and the dev version 63.3.97 all to no avail.

After the link is generated the Dropbox client lists "Waiting to be linked to a Dropbox account..." above sign in.

This could possibly have something to do with integration of the file manager. Caja being the default on Ubuntu Mate and not Nautilus?

I don't have this problem with a standard Dropbox account, only while using SSO through my organisation.

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Re: Complete account activation Dropbox SSO on Ubuntu Mate 16.04


Sorry to hear about this @Codify - could you make sure you're meeting all of our minimum requirements as per the Help Center article below?

For specifics, please click below winking face


More information

Requirements for the optimal Dropbox desktop experience on Linux

To have the full Dropbox experience, you can install the application from the Linux install page. You will also need to meet all of the following software requirements:

  • Glibc 2.19 or higher
  • GTK 2.24 or higher
  • Glib 2.40 or higher
  • Libappindicator 12.10 or higher
  • Nautilus 3.10.1 or higher

You will also need one of the following desktop environments:

  • GNOME shell (may need the TopIcons extension to get the tray icon)
  • Unity
  • GNOME Classic
  • XFCE with the corresponding Nautilus dependencies

The Dropbox folder will also need to be on an ext4-formatted hard drive or partition.

  • ecryptfs is not supported, but Dropbox will continue to sync with supported file systems that are encrypted via full disk encryption (e.g. LUKS)

If you've checked that you meet our requirements, could you let me know the results you get if you try another browser other than the one you originally used to do this? 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Complete account activation Dropbox SSO on Ubuntu Mate 16.04

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Forget the dodge that's the accepted solution.  All you really need to do is login to your dropbox account first.  Then, when you're logged in, run the dropboxd or hit the URL that the daemon gives you.  That will link your account.

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Complete account activation Dropbox SSO on Ubuntu Mate 16.04
2 Replies
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