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Re: Dropbox for Salesforce Using Folder Structure

New member | Level 2

Hi all,

Some general notes regarding folder structure.

We are Salesforce & Dropbox Partners in the UK and have overcome some of the issues above. Here are some of our findings....

1. In the "Advanced Admin Guide" for Dropbox for Salesforce the Key section is around creating your Custome Folder Structure utilising a Custom Field on the Salesforce Object. The guide falls a little short in explaining what to do next but you Essentially need a formula to represent the pathway you require.

For Example, we have a Master-Detail Relationship between Projects and Sprints. If adding a file to a Sprint record then the Custom_Dropbpx_Path formula looks like this.

"Projects/"& Project__r.Name &"/Sprints/"&Name

This works really well. In the Case that we have "Project A" with a child record of "Sprint 1" then even if there is not a "Project A" folder set up under Projects, as soon as a Sprint file is added then both the "Project A" and "Sprint 1" folders are set up correctly nested with the new file located in the Sprint 1 folder.

(Note our Custom_Dropbox_Path__c formula would return "Projects/Project A/Sprint 1" in this instance. Also, note you will need a validation rule to stop users using the character "/" in record names as it will create unwanted nested folders!)

(Note you will probably need some Salesforce expertise to set this up for your Salesforce Org).

Furthermore, @JStanton and @KBMas  mention a need for a more bespoke folder structure. This can be achieved by using a Combination of the "Custom_Dropbox_Path__c" formula and the Template Feature (again in the advanced user guide).

The Templates could automatically create the Folder structure for new Object records. The Formula could be extended by using a nested IF Statement to decide on the pathway (dependent upon the status of the record)

Hope this helps - it is a jungle out there!

Steve [link to external website removed by moderation]


Re: Dropbox for Salesforce Using Folder Structure

Explorer | Level 3

This solution is very helpful.  I need a bit more help on the using Salesforce Documents/Template.  Do I need to use the folder name template?  In other words, when logging into dropbox would your example file structure look like this? 

Salesforce Documents/Template/Projects/Project A/Sprint 1 

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Dropbox for Salesforce- Can I use my existing folder structure once I activate the integration?
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