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Helping a client access a shared folder using Dropbox.

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We are new into Dropbox so learning.

Our goal is to share one folder with our client. We want the client to have the folder available to a software program like excel where they can open, edit the spreadsheet and save it again. We need drop box to create a file folder under their desktop. 

We have setup a 5 user business account. So far we have only setup two internal users.

I'm slowly piecing things together.

I have told the client that they need to setup a dropbox account. 

I think the next step is to send client the link to the shared folder inside our dropbox. 

I'm guessing that once the client accepts the link, the shared drop box should be now availabe under the "desktop" on the file explorer. 

Is this correct? 

Will the client be able to read,write, modify the files? Will they be able to go to excel "File|Open|Desktop|Dropbox|Clientsfolder|*.xls" .

Does the client need an account that is more than the "free" service? 


Garth H


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Re: Helping a client access a shared folder using Dropbox.


Hey there @garthh  - welcome to our Community!

To cut to the chase, if you'd like to collaborate on the mentioned folder and they're not part of the team account, yes, they'd need an account that can accommodate the folder in question (size-wise that is). Read on for more info:

Let me apologize for the lengthy response in advance at this point Garth - hopefully though, it's going to help figure out how sharing works. 

First and foremost, keep in mind that your Dropbox quota is calculated based on the total contents of your Dropbox, which includes shared folders. A Dropbox account can't sync more than its quota, so a free 2 GB account on the Basic plan can't sync more than 2 GB, including the space taken up by shared folders. Because every member of a shared folder can add and modify the files in the shared folder, the shared folder takes up space in each member's account. This policy exists to prevent people from giving themselves unlimited space by stacking Basic accounts and shared folders.

If you'd like to share a folder without impacting the recipient's quota, you can share a link to the folder, instead. A shared link allows users to view or download a one-way, read-only copy of the folder. You can read about this on our Help Center here:

If you'd like others to upload files to your Dropbox account without impacting the submitters quota, you can send a file request. Our file requests feature enables a requester to have files uploaded to their Dropbox account by other individuals. You can read about this on our Help Center here:

Moreover, when it comes to both shared folders and team folders, any additions, edits, or deletions that a member of the folder makes will sync to everyone else who's a member of that folder.

There are a couple differences between shared and team folders though. Team folders automatically give functional groups the correct access level (view or edit) to the content they need. Unlike team folders, shared folders can be shared with individual members.

Shared and team folders are also created differently. Only an Admin on your account can create a team folder, as team folders can only be made from within the Admin Console. This means that you can't convert an existing folder into a team folder.

Finally, it's important to note that you can't share a team folder outside of your team. In sub-folders of team folders individual team members and people outside the team can collaborate along with team members in groups.

To learn more about shared folders and team folders, check out our Help Center:

I hope this addresses your concerns Garth. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Helping a client access a shared folder using Dropbox.
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