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How do you hide personal folders being seen on work computer?

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I went from a regular Dropbox to a business account for the larger space and to add family access to the personal side.  My regular Dropbox was strictly for business and other than the size limit giving problems it worked well.  I switched to a Business account in October 2017 and did not notice problems with my personal files showing until I returned from Med Leave last week - off 6 months.  Laptop I was using before was recycled sometime in the past 6 months though I did remove all files from the account within 48 hours after leaving through my home computer.  Files have not shown up on the home Dropbox folder since that time.

I am now using a desktop at work and after loading the Dropbox app last week, I find that both my work files and my personal files are showing on the work computer.  No one in my company need have access to my work folder so the only users I share Dropbox with are my family on my personal folder.

I tried both at home and at work logging into my online account but cannot see a way to remove my personal folder from being seen without affecting the work folders as well.

When I switched to a business account, a 'Team Folder' (blue with darker blue rectangles inside) with green band behind was added which I have been using as my personal folder over the past 6 months. Nothing was in that folder prior to 6 months ago nor did I see the folder on Dropbox on the old laptop after I switched to a business account.

Below that Team Folder is 'Everything Else' which show two blue folders (one with 2 people, second folder is blank) plus a purple 'Camera Uploads' folder.  The blue folder with two people on folder icon is my original business folder.  Files that I have moved to that folder last week can be seen at work as well as in the 'blank' imaged blue folder that I made last week.

I need the 'Team Folder' to only be accessed by my family members.  Is there an easy way to do this that I have missed in the forums?



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Re: How do you hide personal folders being seen on work computer?

Hey there, @owlsquest!
In order to have a better understanding of your concern, we’d have to move this discussion to email due to account-specific details that are needed for a more in-depth look. For this reason, I was able to locate your open request from my end and have made sure to reply to you there. 
Please check your inbox for my latest message and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

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How do you hide personal folders being seen on work computer?
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