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iMAC lag when smart syncing files

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I am new to Dropbox business and have a plan that allows smart sync. After beginning to move data from another cloud company, I started to notice that the 2011 iMAC began showing signs of lag. There was an article here that talks about the performance degradation when attempting to sync more than 300,000 files using the Dropbox desktop application. What I am doing is dropping about 20-40GB of data into the Dropbox folder and waiting for it to sync and than choosing ‘the online only’ contextual menu drop down from smart sync.

During the process a performance hit is noticeable on the iMAC. I have TB of data to sync to offline status so the data gets into Dropbox. Would anyone suggest to try and sync in batches that are less than 300,000 files (sounds obvious but just double checking). Would this help to solve the issue of performance lag? Dropbox uses block level syncing which leads me to think it should have a lighter footprint on the cpu. Getting that sweet spot in terms of file count or GB, etc is key. In the meantime I’ll try small batches and see how this works. Any ideas or other peoples thoughts on workflows for data migration into dropbox would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: iMAC lag when smart syncing files

Hi there, @Shaun S.10
If you have a lot of files and folders you want to add to your account, one option is to do upload them in smaller batches through the desktop app and, once synced, Smart Sync them as online-only (as you mention you’re doing so already). 
In addition to that, if you'd like to try to improve the performance of your computer, you can also use selective sync to select only certain folders to sync to your device. While you’ll be able to access all of your selectively synced content from the website or any other devices linked to your account, you’ll still be able to sync them again to your Dropbox folder at any point in time.
Finally, I wanted to mention another option, since you say that you’re able to use Smart Sync and:

@Shaun S.10 wrote:
What I am doing is dropping about 20-40GB of data
You can set your Smart Sync to default download new content to your device as online-only and then add your files and folders (as long as they amount to less than 50 GB) through the website. That way, anything new you upload will be added to your account and synced to your device directly as online-only. 
More information
  1. Clicking on the Dropbox icon from the menu bar/system tray.
  2. Selecting the gear icon.
  3. Going to Preferences... from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Navigating to Sync.
  5. Choosing your work Dropbox account.
  6. Changing the selection for Smart Sync Default. 
I hope this helps to some extent. upside-down face Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Re: iMAC lag when smart syncing files

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Thank you for your help on this topic. I found out that the 300,000 dropbox desktop app (soft file limit) applies to all files in the dropbox folder including those files markes as smart sync offline. Since I have lots of data to migrate into dropbox I will use the selective sync approach and manage the uploading this way. Having SFTP access would sure speed things up on my end. The additional time waiting for dropbox to remove the data (selective sysnc) after it is uploaded would be eradicated using SFTP.

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iMAC lag when smart syncing files
2 Replies
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