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Teams [archived]

Teams [archived]

Manage teamwork—or start collaborating—with Dropbox teams.
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“Team Dropbox” folder appeared in Home folder

A folder named “Team Dropbox (new)” appeared in my Home folder on two Macs. It a...
updated by: Not applicable stantyan ‎ 09-01-2016 ‎at 05:54 PM
9 25

Ongoing issue on

Hi Community, Some users are currently experiencing issues with
updated by: Level 1 Moniza D. ‎ 08-19-2016 ‎at 11:14 PM
6 92

What is the maximum team size of a Dropbox Pro team?

I have a basic account. I created a team for my nonprofit organization. It had 1...
updated by: Level 1 Dave S.27 ‎ 08-12-2016 ‎at 04:38 PM
2 22
Super User posted here

My files completely destroyed.

Something tragic happened to me. My daughter clicked on the email I would never ...
updated by: Level 10 Rick M. ‎ 07-29-2016 ‎at 09:56 AM
1 11
Super User posted here

Unable to edit a team document

Only one member of our team is able to open and edit an excel spreadsheet.  When...
updated by: Level 1 Katie M.14 ‎ 07-07-2016 ‎at 05:34 PM
0 7
Dropbox Rep posted here Super User posted here

How do I set my default dropbox page to 'home' not 'team'?

When I go to, for some reason I get diverted to https://www.drop...
updated by: Level 1 John T.79 ‎ 06-23-2016 ‎at 08:16 AM
1 11
Super User posted here

Can't Add a Team folder from another account

I help out on a library in Dropbox for a Facebook Group. Up to now I've been sig...
updated by: Level 1 Nancy K.5 ‎ 06-19-2016 ‎at 09:06 PM
0 5

Can't add team members

Trying to invite members to my new team, several worked just fine, three of them...
updated by: Level 1 Margaret H.10 ‎ 06-15-2016 ‎at 10:03 PM
0 5
Super User posted here

synchronize team folder

 I created a team folder, how do I go about to synchronize this team folder with...
updated by: Level 1 ewald f.1 ‎ 06-14-2016 ‎at 12:51 PM
0 5

Team Members want to see folders and files without syncing to their computers

A couple of my team members use small laptops with limited storage space. They d...
updated by: Level 1 Eric J.6 ‎ 06-10-2016 ‎at 12:34 AM
3 11
Super User posted here
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