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Dropbox backup on 2 external hard disks

Dropbox backup on 2 external hard disks

New member | Level 2

I have a dropbox business account with 12 terabytes, and I would need to have a physical copy of all my files in local, so i can have a backup and i can have all files ready to use locally. I have a dock station with 2 hard drives, and I have a studio computer connected only to the dropbox that syncs all the dropbox files to one of these hard drives, the problem is that this hard drive is now full and I would like to use the second one as well. How can I have the dropbox synced on 2 different hard drives? I could create a RAID between the 2 hard drives, but I have read so many negative opinions. is there a way to have the dropbox split to 2 hard disks (some folders in the first HD and some folders in the second one)?

I know that the best solution is a NAS system, but i would have something cheaper and use these hard disks that i already have.

Thank you

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Re: Dropbox backup on 2 external hard disks


Hey @Fabiobox, I'd be happy to answer this for you! 


Essentially, you can't do that. You can't split your content into multiple hard drives, I'm afraid. 


Although RAID and a NAS system would be two alternatives to achieve that you mentioned, there are indeed things you need to consider before doing that. 


I hope that clarifies. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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