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Re: Android: "Dropbox Text Editor" no longer available

Dropbox on Android suddenly unable to open Text / .MD file

Helpful | Level 5

I ve a shared folder on my android 11 (kernel 4.4.177) in there ive a text file FILE.txt , which i renamed File.MD (markdown) so i can share with my usual note editor on MAC. it has been working perfectly for months. The first time i opened it, i was asked the default app, i set Dropbox and everything was fine.


then suddently a week or so ago, when i click on the file it just open "my garmin connect"  which is not a text editor. I checked and the setting was "open with dropbox" - i deleted the preferred APP, hoping I would have been asked again ... to no avail.

if i go to default app there are none now

dropbox version on Android is 320.2.10


Can you help me?





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Rachel L.
Collaborator | Level 10

My replies keep getting merged into others' threads where others are being told the issue is being reported to Dropbox techs to look into while I'm still being asked device/app specifications and such. It seems obvious it's not on my end, this is a change in the app itself. 😕 I hope I'm not asked to try uninstalling/reinstalling next as I have a phobia of losing my offline files, plus others with this issue have already tried that. (I'd link, but the changing nature of these threads is too confusing.)

New member | Level 2

I hope they fix this, this feature was really useful. I would like to freely use such tools, without restrictions. By the way, the same goes for freedom of speech, I recently found this site and now preparing for writing tasks in college has become much easier. I found a lot of interesting articles there, I'm sure it will be useful to all students.

Community Manager

Hi Everybody,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This feature was not deprecated, but we are aware that some file types (including html) are not opening properly on mobile. We are actively working on a fix. I will update this thread with more information when I have it!




Explorer | Level 4

on the files I've needed to edit I've simply changed the extension from .html to .txt, made the change, then changed the extension back. I'd much prefer to have an option to edit .html files instead of render them. In fact, I'd prefer edit to be the default.

Explorer | Level 4

Hi, it's been 3 weeks since this issue was first raised, and we still haven't heard anything back.


Is anyone following through? Can we get any updates or ideas of what to expect, i.e. is this a difficult problem that will take one year to solve? Or is it not a priority and won't ever be addressed?


Who is in charge of such issues, and who do I contact to request that it be addressed?


Has anyone else here found a good alternative to Dropbox, paid or not, that allows easy touch-and-go Android access to synced MD files? Thanks everyone else.

Helpful | Level 5

My former workflow was: while on the go open .md in dropbox, use the speech-to-text to write stuff, save it - back at home open Obsidian and manage the content

now it's : record a vocal on Telegram, send it to myself, and back home listen to it and add to obsidian.

take more time, but it s not a vital issue for me.

Dropbox Staff

Hi all and happy Monday!


I just wanted to give you an update on this as we've heard back from the team and it seems that this issue should be fixed with the most recent beta version of the mobile app.


For anyone interested, you can have a look here for more information. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Helpful | Level 5

I just switched to the beta version. Opening .md files does indeed work again!

Explorer | Level 4

Thanks for the update, and thank you dev team. The beta looks like it has fixed the issue. Hopefully the beta gets pushed to public soon for everyone.

Explorer | Level 4

Seems like the issue was fixed with todays update of the public app (version 324.2.2). Thanks to the dropbox team and happy editing :-).

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