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Re: Dropbox App backup view icon

Viewing backup files on mobile app

Explorer | Level 3
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Hi, all! I have some old flash drives that I just backed up on my MACBOOK. They appear in DropBox Backups. I can’t figure out how to view the backups in my mobile app. I can see the file names in my mobile app. But, when I click on them, it simply takes me to the general list (camera uploads, documents, etc.) TIA!

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @mbriney - thanks for the feedback on this one. 


If you'd like to, you can post any feature requests you might have in the Share an Idea area of the Community so that other users can up-vote it and share their own thoughts or use cases as well.


PS: You can find some tips about posting ideas on this page, if needed. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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New member | Level 2

FYI I've converted the concept proposed by mbriney and jarrod kile into an "idea" which can be upvoted here:


Strongly agree with this complaint about the new dropbox backup.

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